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Tourism for life

Concept and technology for motivation for a healthy lifestyle

Guiding principle



Tourists earn points for visiting competition venues and events, walking routes or purchasing services (discounted admission, regional products)

For competition points, they collect rewards from project partners (tickets, vouchers, equipment, etc.)


They can easily confirm their visit / competition activity by sharing their location or sending a specific photo  >>  Price list & services  >>  Tourism for life


Tourists spend more than 100 billion crowns a year  through domestic tourism 

More than 42,000 marked hiking trails (unique in the world)

Tourist diary on, 02/2022: 

6,129 tourists recorded 199,017 visits in the diary.

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Do you run a tourist destination, activity or service?

  • we will reward tourists for visiting you or for purchasing your service (tickets, product, stay, etc.)

  • You will not only get advertising, but we will also help you sell

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Okouzlující město

Are you a city, region or county?

  • We will provide motivation to visit your region

  • you will get advertising on the radio and on the Internet and accurate statistics of visits to competition venues, routes and events in your region

Orlicke hory - Turistika pro život

Are you a company and do you sell goods / services to tourists?

  • Help us reward tourists with your product / service

  • We will reach more than 3,000,000 tourists with your advertising (on the Internet, on radio and regional events), we will ensure you a positive perception and the sale of your products or services.

  • Exclusivity for your field as well as thematic or regional targeting

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Do you organize a regional event?

  • We will provide you with promotion of the event and motivation to visit your event

  • We will pay you for the presentation of our partners at your event

I am interested in getting involved in Tourism for Life

How do you want to get involved in Tourism for Life?

Thank you for submitting!

Tourism for life 2022

Competition places, trips and routes: 1600

Competitive events - program

  • the program is gradually expanding

  • possibility of presenting partners at events (stand, tastings, competitions, advertising sails) ​

  1. Holiday World Fair, 18-20.3.2022 

  2. Night Run Ostrava, 4/9/2022

  3. Night Run Liberec, 4/16/2022

  4. Night Run Hradec Králové, 23.4.2022

  5. Night Run Brno 5/14/2022

  6. Night Run Most, 8/13/2022

  7. NEON RUN Prague, 27.8.2022

  8. Night Run Prague, 10.9.2022

  9. Škoda FIT Half Marathon Pilsen, 18.9.2022

  10. Night Run Ceske Budejovice, 1.10.2022

  11. NEON Run Olomouc, 14.10.2022

  12. Night Run Olomouc 15.10.2022

  13. Christmas Run Brno, 3.12.2022

  14. Christmas Run Prague 17.12.2022




By participating in Tourism for Life, OZP Health Insurance Company received a motivational program for its clients and an intensive advertising campaign (Internet and social networks, outdoor and radio) 

The technology and concept of Tourism for Life was used by CEMEX for its motivational employee program - active movement and a healthy lifestyle

We will provide motivation for visiting the region and selected places, activities or services with a significantly higher number of competition points. The city or region will not only get more visitors, but also accurate data about their visits and activities. 

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