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Webový design


Websites, applications and data warehouse  


Comprehensive solutions for a destination company, travel agency or agency, for monuments, museums and other services in tourism.

Our concept and solution

We offer you a solution that will allow you to very easily and simply manage your website completely, including the mobile version of the website. We will set up your website according to your specifications and wishes. We'll teach you how to easily manage and add new content. We will connect them with your social networks and make it easier for you to publish new posts on them. 

Web administration, data & design


Site and content editor,  

  • easy web editing drag and drop

Standalone blog,  

  • multi-author publications with different rights

Optimized for mobile,  

  • We display the website perfectly on any device

Services for a modern look,

  • animations, background videos, scrolling effects

Easy connection to third party APIs ,

external data sources for integration into your site 

Multilingual versions

with individual adjustment and solution of design and content

Interactive virtual tours and 360 ° photos

ro placement anywhere in the content, easy to use

Mobile application for web administration and updates,

a separate version of the application for your users

Integrace externích zrdojů a medií

CRM & communication

Sending messages via Inbox and chat & Automation settings

  • It can communicate with users from the web / application, set chat status and view online visitors, create and manage automated responses via email, chat and more.

Contact management  (collecting contacts for your newsletters)

  • It can add, import / export and manage all contacts and partner / user data

Display of form data, setting of new ones, eg surveys, etc.

  • It can view data from submitted forms.

Workflow management and reminders - CRM

  • You can view, create and manage tasks and monitor their progress

Marketing & analytics tools

SEO friendly technology,  

  • including integration of web metering and competition tools, optimization

Management of social contributions. networks

  • It can create, manage and publish social contributions. networks. dozens of templates

Google My Business Administration

  • Can create and manage location in Google My Business

Creating and managing e-mail triggers, creating and managing e-mail marketing campaigns

  • It can create and manage e-mail launchers. It can create and manage email marketing campaigns.

Web analytics integration, settings and cookie management

  • You can set up site analysis and statistics. including setting and editing privacy policies and more

Advanced technology options and modules

  • display posts on the map

  • reservation system for the sale of activities, services or accommodation 

  • calendar of events with the possibility of selling tickets and promoting events 

  • video player for your videos

  • interactive virtual tours  

Data warehouse 

  • transferred data: unlimited 

  • storage space: 35 GB, expandable  at 1 TB

Implementation time: approx. 8 - 10 weeks 

  • 2-3 weeks analysis and project documentation,

  • 4 weeks of implementation,

  • 2-3 weeks of testing and data integration, training

Price according to range: 25,000 - 300,000 CZK

(+ approx. 10,000 - 30,000 CZK / year hosting with support included)

Email marketing

Implementation time: approx. 8 - 10 weeks  

  • 2-3 weeks analysis and project documentation,

  • 4 weeks of implementation,

  • 2-3 weeks of testing and data integration, training

Price according to range: 25,000 - 300,000 CZK

(+ approx. 10,000 - 30,000 CZK / year hosting with support included)

screensht dovolena v nemecku.jpg

References and examples of solutions

Microsite of the German National Tourist Office

Sample solution of a destination website with a connection to the Travel blog on The website serves to communicate basic information about Germany with practical information and inspiration for tourists through partner destinations and thematic campaigns of the national headquarters.  


The implementation also includes year-round targeted promotion of the microsite 

Are you interested in our website solution? 

Specify your requirements and expectations from the new site (blog, online sales, content on the map, virtual tours, sections for registered users, sending emails, etc.).  We will prepare an indicative solution offer and agree on the implementation together. 



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