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PR & marketing

We'll help you prepare a complete media plan for your ad campaign, including targeting, so that we can achieve high conversions together. If your goal is not to sell services but to reach a large number of tourists, we will provide you with the maximum possible impact on the defined target group with low costs.

We will try to optimize your online sales and reduce costs per click / order.

PR services


We will provide you with a survey and analysis of the perception of your brand in the market and its position in comparison with the competition. We will help you create a PR strategy for your new brand / product or to support an existing brand.

PR strategy
  • Audit of your PR activities

  • Creating a PR strategy and helping with its implementation

  • Crisis PR - communication of negative events and news

  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities

PR articles and communications
  • Creating PR articles

  • Publication of PR articles in the media

  • Monitoring and reporting

Press trips / blogger trips / influencers
  • We will select suitable journalists, travel bloggers or influencers for you and help with the promotion of their media outlets

Examples of media outputs and services from presstrips

Travel blog
  • Creating your Travel blog on, promoting the blog and selected posts, active administration and regular reporting

  • Reached + 500,000 tourists and travelers a year

>> Travel blog - active management and promotion of articles

>> Comprehensive destination marketing solutions

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  • Audit / evaluation of your marketing activities and campaigns

  • Creating a marketing strategy and marketing plan

  • Planning, implementation, evaluation of advertising campaigns

  • Purchase of media, PPC, RTB

  • Event marketing

  • SEO optimization

  • FB, Instagram & Social Networks - Strategy, administration, advertising campaigns

Realization of advertising campaigns 2021

On-line advertising campaigns (PPC, RTB, social networks) with a guarantee of the number of clicks and addressed people with regional and thematic targeting 


Services and promotions for cities, regions and destinations


Advantageous year-round promotion packages

Modern destination site

Comprehensive web, app, data solutions. stock


Services and solutions for cities and regions

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