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Tourism Czech Republic & Covid-19  

grant programs, surveys, information and data

Ministry of Finance

  • compensation

  • tax relief

  • retroactive application of tax loss

  • suspension of EET until 12/2022

Ministry for Regional Development

Current information Covid-19

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Compilation of data on the impact of COVID-19 on tourism at national, regional and global levels, together with an assessment of the impact of the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on tourism. Source:


UNWTO Destination Tracker - Current Situation Covid-19

NWTO / IATA Travel Tracker is the first global dashboard on air traffic restrictions and health travel requirements in a destination.  The first single point of contact for global information on travel regulations related to COVID-19, which aims to build trust between passengers and businesses and support policy-making by providing a global overview of travel restrictions around the world. It is available free of charge and provides information and insights on the current state of air traffic restrictions and measures in destinations around the world.  Source:

Monitored data:

  • Health indicators:  Frequency of 14-day COVID-19 notifications per 100,000 inhabitants,  Test positivity rate,  Number of vaccinated persons per 100

  • Current rules for air transport:  Flight suspension,  Entry restrictions,  Quarantine,  Level of restriction,  test for COVID-19

  • Destination-specific restrictions:  Attraction,  Events,  Equipment,  Accommodations,  Food and drink,  Transit by land,  Public transport, Quarantine

  • Health regulations:  Health protocols,  Principles of camouflage


UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker collects all relevant data in one place and you can track tourism recovery at a global and regional level along with information on TOP travel destinations

The most comprehensive Tourist Tracker panel to date is the result of a partnership between international organizations and the private sector. It is available free of charge and covers key tourism performance indicators by month, region and sub-region, allowing real-time comparisons of sectoral recovery across the world and industries. 

The tracker contains data on:

  • international tourist arrivals

  • capacity of seats on international and national routes,

  • ticket reservation,

  • hotel search and booking,

  • occupancy rates and

  • demand for short-term rentals

  • travel sentiment (net sentiment score)

  • Frequency of 14-day COVID-19 notifications per 100,000 inhabitants

UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker is available free of charge and is the result of a collaboration of a group of partners including  International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ForwardKeys, STR, Sojern, TCI Research and  AIRDNA.

UNWTO Recovery Tracker - Current situation for travel


Travel & Tourism

Economic impact 1Q 2021

Travel & Tourism

Ecomonimic impact 2020

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