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virtuální realita

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a real-world environment that delivers a unique visual experience - you get the impression that you are somewhere else.


  >>  more about virtual reality 

Portfolio of our services and solutions

  • FB 360° video
  • 48 publikovaných 360° videí

  • 55 000 zhlédnutí

  • 250 000 oslovených uživatelů

  • 305 hodin sledování

  • 139 publikovaných 360° videí

  • 217 odběratelů

  • 92 000 zhlédnutí

  • 1300 hodin sledování

  • 1:01 min průměrná doba sledování

liblice video foto.png

Filming and production of VR 360° videos

➔ Professional equipment, technology and software

➔ 4k - 8k video resolution, options to add animation, subtitles, etc.

➔ Experience and references: more than 150 VR 360° videos

➔ Fun and educational applications

➔ Complete VR solution for cities, regions and destinations

Price: from 16,000 CZK + shipping(promotion with a guarantee of 5000 views included in the price)

virtualni prohlidka cover.png

Production of 360° virtual tours

➔ Professional equipment, technology and sw, photo resolution from 12 MPx,

➔ Creation of 360° interactive virtual tours  and 360 panoramas

➔ adding interactive elements, links to services on your website / e-shop

➔ Experience and references: more than 50 virtual tours

➔ Implementation into your website and setting of statistics of views and clicks

Price: from 5,990 CZK + shipping


Live broadcast from events, fairs or conferences

➔ On YouTube, Facebook or services chosen by you

➔ We have thousands of views online on our profiles

➔ Organizers get a service for partners and visitors

➔ Competitive advantage, new income and promotions


Price: from 15,000 CZK + shipping

(price according to the length, location and scope of the live broadcast)

samsung vr my profile.jpg

Promotion of 360° videos (free when making a video)

➔ Placement on VRČ / and Facebook VRČ

➔ Post onYoutube &  Facebook (+60,000 fans)

➔ Placement on the (to posts / VR section)

➔ Insertion into the regular newsletter for 40,000 subscribers

➔ Guarantee: 5,000 views

Price: CZK 15,000(free when realizing VR 360° videos / virtual tours)

pronajem vr zarizeni.png

Sale/rental of VR equipment, VR content, app development

➔ VR headset může být novou službu pro vaše zákazníky (hotely, lázně)

➔ VR technologie pro rozšíření vaší prezentace na akcích, veletrzích apod.

➔ Zábavná nebo edukativní forma pro vaše školení nebo workshopy

➔ Výroba aplikací a technologií (virtuální prohlídky areálů / regionu / služeb, edukační videa / testy a kvízy - znalostní soutěže, apod.)

hradecko 360 propagacni screenshot.jpg

360 interactive map for cities and regions 

➔ presentation of your destination and services with attractive and modern VR technology

➔ Support for sales of stays, services and tickets of your partners 

➔ Unique and attractive content for us, in the application and on social networks 

➔ Practical service for residents and citizens of your destination

Promotion with reaching +500,000 people included in the cost of implementation

E-learning and gamification extension of virtual tours

Competition quiz - finding items 

As part of the presentation of the new modern InterJet set of Czech Railways, we have prepared a competition for ČD gift vouchers.


The contestants were tasked with searching for gift vouchers hidden in a new InterJet kit. >> preview of the competition page.

Virtual reality - a complete solution for destination management

a modern and effective form of presentation of your region, services and partners

VR 360 ° photo and video, interactive virtual tours

>> everything about virtual reality can be found at   

What you get:

  • Unique and attractive content on your website, on social networks ( virtual reality & tourism )

  • By placing it in VR applications and services, you will reach tourists and travelers from abroad

  • Modern presentation at trade fairs and other events

  • You get VR glasses and technology with other fun and educational content (eg to Infocenters)

  • Possibility of up to 50% subsidy from the National Tourism Support Program in the regions ( more here )

How does it work:

  1. We will select places, routes or services and video scenarios together

  2. We will record and edit the videos for your needs and publications, or we will create 360 photos for you

  3. We will supply you with suitable VR glasses or equipment and teach you how to make the best use of virtual reality

  4. We have long promoted your videos and places / services with a VR presentation with a guarantee of 5,000 views

Technical solution: 

  • Map of your destination and display of important places, sights and services of your partners in the form of 360° business cards, 360° virtual tours and 360° videos

  • Processing of selected service points into arbitrary categories

  • Each entity is displayed in the menu according to the appropriate category and using an icon on the destination map

  • The possibility of choosing several variants of the map background and setting the original icon of the point of interest on the map

Partner display format:

  • 360° business card / 360° business card PLUS 

  • 360° virtual tour 

  • 360° video 


Services and promotions for cities, regions and destinations


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