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Video routes

Modern technology for tourism, destination marketing and sporting events that promotes tourism, sports and leisure.


A tool developed for destination management, promotes the destination and its services, supports the sale of business services on or near the route. We help fulfill the main function of destination agencies.

400 video routes  15,000 km in 22 countries on 5 continents


We were the first to connect the video with the map, add an elevation profile of the route and involve entrepreneurs and their services in the route. All these elements are interconnected and allow you to easily view any selected section of the route and answer questions such as:

... What surface is in the forest section of the route?

... How steep is the hill? It looks demanding on the height profile

... The cycle route leads along the road, what is the traffic like on it?

... Where do you go for refreshments or a monument along the route? 

Vizionáři 2014

Awards for the professional public


>> Expert jury award PRIX JURY on  TOUR REGION FILM 2014  in Karlovy Vary

>> VISIONARY AWARDS 2014  for innovation Video route - a world-unique connection of video with a map for the purpose of planning trips and excursions and its social contribution to the area of promoting tourism and a healthy lifestyle

>> IEA 2014 - Internet Effectiveness Awards  are awards given to the most effective internet solution on the Czech internet. Award for a unique video route project.

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There are more than 400 video routes on The site is in nine language versions. 


>> Bike routes

    Important cycle paths in the Czech Republic:  

    >  Bečva cycle path   Vltava Bike Trail   

    >  Labská Cyklostezka     Hradec Kuks cycle path     

    EuroVelo 13, Iron Curtain Trail:  

    > Karlovy Vary Region   Pilsen Region   South Bohemian Region

>>  Slopes and ski resorts

    Sölden Ski Resort   Ski resort Stubai   Ski resort Kvilda   

>>  Cross-country skiing trails

     Šumava highway   Zadov cross-country skiing area   

>> Hiking trails and nature trails  /  I nline trails  

>>  Water routes  /  Sightseeing flight routes


Turn the route to get

Unique, practical and attractive content for your site, application, facebook, youtube - you will show tourists your city or region, important sights, practical information and services along the route (everyone likes to see what awaits them when planning their trip), athletes where to run / they will go to what and where to pay attention to where the snacks are.

Advertising space for your partners , who will help you finance the implementation of the video route and its promotion (sponsors of your races, services for tourists on routes in your region and more - you can charge for the location of points of interest on your route or just visibility of the place on the route). We will advise you and we can  help with the route sponsor. We'll be happy to produce a video ad or advertising message for you or your partners and place a video ad.

Website traffic - there are active links for the route and points of interest that will bring tourists to your website or the sites of the route partners.


Free promotion of your route / race, services and partners worth + CZK 5,000 (part of the implementation).

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How it works in practice

We will record the selected route or several routes of one location for you.

We will edit the video for easy playback on various devices, add a description of the route, points of interest on the route and connect everything in our unique web application of the video route. Translations into language versions will be provided by native speakers or professional translators.  

The implementation of the video route includes:

>> route recording, or photos of selected POIs

>> post-production - video processing, editing, optimization for browsers and mobile devices, placement of video in the video route application, connection of the image with the map, elevation profile and POI

>> label placement, 7 points of interest, including active links

>> location on, and operation of the video route (hosting of the 5-20GB video route)

>> translation into selected 2 languages

HOSTING - Placing video routes on your website

To place a video route web application on your site, we'll send you a code  which you can easily embed into your site. You can choose from several display options.  

Views and colors  we can customize it according to your site

Video route hosting - smooth  displaying a video route on your site  

Responsive design - optimized display for different devices

videotrasa zruc.png

PROMOTION of your video route  

We will display the route on the website, and set up other services free of charge, included in the price of the video tour or hosting.


With hosting  for 1 year you get for free:

>> sharing a video route on FB with up to 10,000 people

>> placement in a regular newsletter for 40,000 tourists


With 2-year hosting you get for free:

>> 2x video route sharing on FB with up to 20,000 people

>> placement in a regular newsletter for 45,000 subscribers

>> 100,000 banner views with video path and link to your website  

screen videotrasy newsletter.jpg

Video routes for the region or sports complex


We will record your routes in the selected area, add them to our application and place them on your site. Routes can be easily switched between and displayed as desired. As well as services and places on the routes.


Price list for the implementation of video routes

  • Route up to 15 km, CZK 15,000

  • Route up to 30 km, CZK 25,000

  • Route up to 50 km, CZK 40,000

  • Route up to 100 km, CZK 80,000,

  • ......... (every additional kilometer over a distance of 100 km = 800 CZK)

  • Translations into selected languages, from CZK 600 / language version

  • Placement of the Videotrasa application in your website (up to 50 km), CZK 2,400 / year

  • Golf course, 9 holes, 15,000 CZK /   18 holes, CZK 25,000

  • Ski resort, 3 slopes, 1 ski lift / cable car, CZK 15,000

  • Each additional piste, CZK 2,000

  • Each additional lift / cable car, CZK 1,000

Video route promotion and other services

  • Location of the next point of interest on the route,  (hotel, restaurant, shop / rental, chateau, town)

  • Translation of the video route into the selected language, CZK 800

  • Banner for video route, 120x90px in the right corner of the video,,,  

  • Pre-route video ad (up to 20s)

  • Motivation to visit your route (Inclusion in Tourism for Life)

  • Promotional videos from the route

Online marketing

  • route sharing on FB pages and

  • video advertising / banner advertising on or anywhere else, targeting as needed

  • addressing people according to interest (cycling, skiing, running, etc.)


Realization of video routes - references

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