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Tourism for life & regions

Image by Jessica Rockowitz

You want this family


  • came to your region?

  • stayed and bought other services?

  • and when you returned did you recommend your region and services to friends?

Královehradecký kraj v rádiové kampani Turistika pro život

 ...... get involved in TOURISM FOR LIFE

Principle of the Tourism for Life competition: We motivate tourists to go on trips - to visit selected tourist destinations, routes or regional events. They receive competition points for confirming the visit or other activities at selected competition venues. They then collect rewards from our partners for these. Everyone can win! .... more at  www.turistikaprož 

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Why get involved project with 60,000 registered tourists and more than 4,500,000 site visitors per year

As a partner of the whole project, you will be able to see and hear well across all media types


We will provide motivation to visit your region with an increased number of points and with the help of radio and internet we will invite tourists to you


You can participate in the selection of competition venues, routes and events in your region, we will help you sell the recommended services to help you finance the entire campaign.


We will evaluate exactly how many tourists and visits to competition venues the cooperation has brought you

Project partner - Destination


Logo on the web  ( with active link )

Logo at 

Logos  within the project promotion and at partner events  


Motivation to visit selected places in the region:

  • inclusion of your chosen 50 places in your region in TPŽ a  placement of your logo with an active link at all 50 competition places on

  • 10 points for visiting the competition place (usually 1 -2 points)

  • sharing 5 selected competition places on FB

  • sharing 10 competition places on FB Turistikaproživot,

  • placement of a widget with an invitation in the newsletter,

Price: 30,000 CZK

We can also provide for you:

  • active involvement of tourists in your presentations on social networks

  • installing / using your application

  • current content for your online presentation (web, fb, youtube, instagram, google +)

  • recommendations from tourists to your friends to visit your region (this is the most)

  • viral and entertaining video with a tourist theme, including communication

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