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Community of tourists and travelers

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  • 60,500 registered tourists and travelers

  • 3,500 site contributors  

  • 60,000 fans on FB

Our unique services and technologies for tourists and travelers

  • Online Travel blog, 3,200 tourists,  40 companies and organizations added 90,000 contributions

  • The tourist diary, used by 8,000 tourists, visited 55,000 places and recorded 193,000 visits

  • My favorites, news from a favorite area or from the Travel blog of a favorite tourist

  • Free online clubhouse and website, used by more than 40 groups and organizations (KČT, cycling teams)

  • Tourism for life, rewards from our partners for visiting more than 1,500 competition places and routes

Overviews, rankings and information  

  • Leaderboards of active bloggers and site contributors  >> more here

  • Ranking of tourists according to the number of entries in the tourist diary  >> more here

  • Posts by number of visits  >> more here

  • Ranking of areas by popularity  >> more here

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