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Vision of

We create a unique source of information, a database of experiences and practical advices from other tourists and travelers for even more enjoyment of travel and trips, saving money or unpleasant situations and safe return home from abroad.

Strategy and unique concept

We believe that the best travel assistants themselves are travelers, tourists and excursionists, and therefore we place the greatest emphasis on the fact that they are directly involved in the creation of this project and can and want to share their experiences with others.

We believe that everything we need to know, for a really great experience from a trip or a trip, someone probably already knows or experienced directly and that this experience is irreplaceable for others.

Therefore, our strategy is to create infrastructure, technology and enthusiasm that make it easier to share your experiences, easily find the answer to my question and find inspiration for a trip, trip or solution.  2007 - 2021

2007 Vision, strategy and programming 

The goal is the Czech Republic's largest internet platform for tourists and travelers, where they share their experiences and experiences from trips and excursions. We create a unique concept of content management, motivation to share experiences - we share with contributors the money from advertising displayed in their contributions.

At the same time, we want to bring added value to our partners and advertisers in the form of a positive perception of their brand.  It is they who contribute tourists and travelers to their favorite hobby

2008 Launch of the project  

Hundreds of tourists and travelers register on the site every month, adding dozens of posts daily. We actively participate in events and fairs, including traditional KČT events, which we support.  ​


Tourism Awards: Tour Film, Karlovy Vary 2008, Tour Region Film 2012

Technology award and implementation of our solution at the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2010 and 2012

Tourism Awards: Tour Film, Karlovy Vary 2008, Tour Region Film 2012

Technology award and implementation of our solution: 1st place at the Internet Effectiveness Awards 2010

2013 Launch of the Video Routes service and the project

A web application that uniquely connects to the world's first when viewing a route  video - map - elevation profile - points of interest.  Before driving on the selected route, tourists can view dangerous sections, the frequency of traffic when driving on the road, the quality of the surface when driving in the woods or the possibility of refreshments or interesting places and views on the route.  


The synergistic goal of this service is an effective solution for destination management. On the one hand, it is an attractive, modern service for the promotion of the destination, and at the same time it helps to sell services to entrepreneurs on or near the route.

Awards: Visionaries of the Year 2014, main prize of the Prix Jury at TOURFILM, 2014

The Center for Transport Research planned to use the technology of video routes for the development of bicycle transport in the Czech Republic and the creation of the Č portal. After entering the project, the Czechtourism agency decided to build its own solution ... see  here . 

The technology of video routes was taken over by the Transport Research Center and was to serve for the development of bicycle transport in the Czech Republic and to become the basis for the creation of the Č portal. The Czechtourism agency and the Czech Republic have taken the website, including its content, under their wings  the result was many times more expensive solutions without content, which subsequently remained on the shoulders of the regions. 

Tourism Awards: Prix Jury Prize at TOURFILM, 2014

Awards for technology and innovative video route solutions: Visionaries of the Year 2014, 2nd place at the IEA 2014

2015 Tourist Card

For practical reasons and to facilitate orientation in regional cards, we have created the TuristyKarta service. Loyalty card for tourists connecting regional cards of destination companies with discounts on experiences, services and sights. More than 20,000 pieces went into circulation

2017 Tourist Diary, Tourism for Life

Community functions for registered tourists and the concept of motivation to visit selected places, activities and regions. 

2018 - 2021 Destination marketing & Travel blog, virtual reality 

A unique marketing solution concept for destination companies and tourist headquarters combined with the Travel blog service for companies and organizations.


Virtual reality involvement  - 360 ° videos and related services to promote cities, regions and tourism services.


  • 1st place tourism,  IEA.CZ 

  • 3rd place internet portals, IEA.CZ 

  • 1st place Tour Film, Karlovy Vary 

  • 2nd place at the Tour Region Film 

  • Winner of the Visionaries 2014 project 

  • 2nd place tourism and transport, IEA.CZ

  • Best Content Management, Business Elite Awards 2016 

  • Best Content Management 2018 - Eastern Europe, 

  • Corporate USA Today - Annual Awards - 2018 edition 


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