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Tourism for life & services for tourists

We will motivate tourists  

  • to visit you or purchase your services / products

  • to share an experience or experience with your product


What is needed for this?

  1. A quality product (service, product) ... otherwise it will turn bad for you  

  2. An active approach ... we will ensure the concept and implementation, but we cannot do everything for you

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Why get involved

  • project with 60,000 registered tourists and more than 4,500,000 site visitors per year

  • With us, you will reward tourists and travelers for their travels - you will gain a positive perception of your brand

  • We will motivate competition points to sell / share or otherwise interact with your product

  • Thanks to the rewards in the form of your products, you will convince tourists of its quality - they will choose your service, your product, boast a good experience and recommend you

  • For vouchers for the competition, tourists will shop with you, sell and gain new customers

How much will it cost

  • easily free :-) in selected cases of small or start-up companies

  • in the form of mutual fulfillment, for those who have concerns or are not into marketing or business

  • or it will be expensive, but you will be happy to pay for it, because it will come back to you 10 times!

... it depends on your expectations and tastes involved in the project, how much you want to be seen, how and where

... our goal is a satisfied tourist with a good experience or experience with your product

Main partner: PWD, health insurance company

Partners: Discount, 4camping, Eurolines, Jirka Kolbaba

  • BEAT & Country radio promotion, 2,000 spots

TPŽ & Partneři
  • Competitive events with the active participation of the OZPáček mascot



  • combination of media types: radio, outdoor, online and direct marketing

  • regional targeting, by residence or destination of the planned trip, by current location

  • targeting according to interest and activities: cycling, wellness and spa, hiking, gastronomy, monuments and learning, sports, experiences or adrenaline, camping, traveling in Europe, VHT and mountain tourism, photography, etc ...

  • targeting by age or to families with children

Reviews / content for your communication

  • tests / reviews of your services and products from experienced tourists and travelers, including subsequent promotion

  • motivation to share photos and experiences with your product or within your service = also content for your communication and PR

Sales and support of your brand

  • motivation to buy from you 

  • motivation and a platform to easily share positive experiences and recommendations to friends

  • support your existing and help with the implementation and development of a new loyalty program

  • realization of viral videos and other, organically disseminated communication and information

Partner Tourism for Life 2022



Advertising campaign - PARTNER 2022

  • 100,000 native ad impressions   

  • Regular newsletter widget (40,000 users)

  • 1x post on FB 

  • 1x contribution to FB Tourism for Life

Common price:  CZK 22,000

Prize for partners CZK 5,000 + prizes for the competition CZK 10,000

Advertising campaign - PARTNER + 2022

  • 100,000 native ad impressions 

  • 100,000 banner views 300x250 

  • Regular newsletter widget (40,000 users)

  • 2x post on FB 

  • 2x post on FB Tourism for Life

Common price:  CZK 42,000

Prize for partners CZK 10,000 + prizes for the competition CZK 20,000

More promotion options for partners

  • Logo with an active link for selected thematic competition places, trips or routes

  • Promotion at events and fairs

  • Advertising campaign on the radio and at competition venues

Are you interested in our concept? We will set up services individually for your company 

Loyalty program for your customers, including securing benefits

Incentive program for your company / customers

Realization of ROAD SHOW at competition events

Partners Tourism for Life 2022

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