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Add event to Tourism for Life

Event organizers can get

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Event promotion

1) Part of Tourism for Life

  • People will receive 5-10 competition points for visiting your event  

2) Media partnership  

  • Placing yours on events on the Tourism for Life, Turistika.cz, Akce.cz websites  

  • Trailer for the event on regional websites in your area

  • Priority of the event on the main page of Akce.cz and in the region of the event venue

  • Invitation to the event on Facebook Turistika.cz or Akce.cz

  • Facebook event Tourism for life

  • Invitation sent to 50,000 registered tourists

Sponsorship of your event: CZK 2,000 - 20,000

If you provide space for selected partners of our Tourism for Life competition, we will provide you with financial support or an attractive program and other significant promotion of your event by our partner.


We are looking for the possibility of a stand for competitions or with the presentation, testing, or sale of tourist equipment or clothing, services related to travel and active leisure.


For organizers we offer:

  • possibility to provide a children's corner / competitions

  • provision of gastronomy, including cattering for a fee or a commission on sales

Your performance within the cooperation

  • You will place a banner, article or logo of the Tourism for Life competition on your website

  • You will share info about the Tourism for Life competition on your Facebook page

  • You will provide other forms of tourism Tourism or Tourism for Life within our media partnership of your event

  • You will provide an area for our photo wall or the Tourism for Life stand, where the competitors will record their participation in your event 

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  • Water Day 2017 - 2019

  • DobruškaFEST

  • Treasure on a silver pond

  • Night run - a series of recreational night runs

  • Traditional KČT marches

  • Asparagus festival

  • Music and cultural festivals

  • Gastronomic events

  • Travel fairs 

Divadelní festival Hradec Králové
Divadelní festival Hradec Králové

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Sport life Brno
Sport life Brno

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Pochod za povidlovým koláčem
Pochod za povidlovým koláčem

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Divadelní festival Hradec Králové
Divadelní festival Hradec Králové

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