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Dát řeči

Consulting & education

Each of us is a specialist in our field, we regularly educate ourselves and discover new services, technologies and opportunities.  

We will help you orient yourself not only in the constantly evolving existing services (facebook & social networks, analytical tools and technologies). We will set up tools for you and teach you to use them, which will make your work easier.

Courses and training

Course of online marketing, measurement and evaluation of campaigns
  • length 7-8 hours

  • for 1-2 companies / organizations, 5-8 people  

  • price: 15,000 CZK

The first part (online marketing, approx. 4 hours)

  • current figures and statistics internet (world / Czech Republic / tourism)

  • platforms and their possibilities of your online presentation (web, applications, social networks, VR)

  • ways / categories of online marketing (PR, SEO, PPC / RTB and performance marketing / online sales, banner campaigns and non-standard formats, video advertising and virtual reality)

  • tools / technologies for measuring websites, applications and social networks


Second part (4 hours)

  • analysis of your online presentation

  • analytical tools and how to use them, practical applications, regular reviews

  • setting up basic analytics services for you (google and facebook analytics, search console,, etc.)

  • reporting and evaluation

length 7-8 hours

for 1 - 3 companies / organizations, 5-8 people  

price: 15,000 CZK

Facebook & social networks for businesses and organizations
  • tips and tricks for effective management of your site

  • length 7-8 hours

  • for 1 company / organization, 1-5 people

  • price: 12 000 CZK


First part (3 - 4 hours)

  • current numbers and statistics FB / Instagram / Youtube  

  • creation and administration of a company website / community

  • practical information and instructions (dimensions of photos, previews of contributions, planning, etc.)

  • tips and tricks for effective management of your site

  • basic categories of contributions and how to use them (event, offer, survey, shop and more)

  • options for connecting FB and your site (including demos and instructions)

  • how to monitor, measure and evaluate (post statistics, fan activity, web clicks, etc.)

  • Instagram and possibilities of use

  • Youtube and possibilities of use


Second part (3 - 4 hours)

  • analysis of your profiles and activities on FB & Instragram

  • setting / adjusting the appearance and individual services of your FB site

  • web link and Facebook / instagram

  • advertising and service options in Meta for Business.  

  • Measurements, statistics  and the copy of your communication on social networks


Course for 1 company / organization (max. 2-5 people)

Total price: 12,000 CZK


Services and promotions for cities, regions and destinations

Loyalty program and motivation concept

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