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Virtual reality - discounted services for Holiday World 2022 partners

virtuální realita

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a real-world environment that delivers a unique visual experience - you get the impression that you are somewhere else.


  >>  more about virtual reality 

  • Youtube VR VR

  • 109 360° videos / 123 subscrib.


  • 753 hours

  • Facebook 360° videa

FB 360 ° video


  • 48 videos  


  • 680 hours

Virtual reality - 360 ° video

  • An attractive form of presentation of the region, company and services with an international reach

  • Part of the presentation at events and fairs, for communication on social networks

  • Popular and sought-after content, tens of miles of daily users with VR devices

Virtual reality and tourism

Basic benefits

An attractive presentation of your region or services, an ideal complement to your trade fair presentation

VR 360 ° videos are popular content for millions of users VR technology  

Unique content for your sites, applications and social media

Offer for exhibitors HW 2022

We will create a VR 360 ° video of your exhibition, cultural performance or an invitation to your traid fair stand

We will publish VR 360° video on Facebook with 60,000 fans, including an active link to your website. We guarantee 1,000 video views

You will receive 3x 360 ° photos of your exhibition (5.7k resolution) for publication on your website and social media

Standard price:  750 Euro + travel cost

Discounted price: 330 Euro (travel cost included)



Stats of  VR 360° video

  • 6 300 people reach

  • 1 600 video views

I am interested in a 360° video with promotion

Implementation of VR 360 ° video, applications, solutions
  • Professional equipment, technology and sw

  • 4k video resolution, options to add animation, subtitles, etc.

  • Experience and references: more than 150 VR 360 ° videos  

  • Complete CoR solutions for cities, regions and destinations

Live broadcast from events, fairs or conferences 
  • Live stream on Youtube or Facebook

  • We have thousands of views online on our profiles

  • The organizers get a service for partners and visitors, a competitive advantage, new income and promotion

samsung vr my profile.jpg
Promotion of 360 ° videos, photos and virtual tours
(free when making a video)
  • Publication on our VR service profiles (+5,000 views)

  • Placement on the pages of,

  • In the regular newsletter for 40,000 subscribers

Sales / rental of VR equipment, VR content, production app
  • VR headset / equipment can be a new service for your customers  

  • VR technology to expand your presentation at events, fairs or establishments

  • Fun or educational form for trainings, workshops, conferences, etc.

  • Production of applications and technologies (virtual tours of areas / region / services, educational videos / tests and quizzes - knowledge competitions, etc.)



Realization of VR 360 ° video  

  • video length 3 minutes (static and moving)

  • 4k - 5,7k video resolution, mp4 format

  • basic post-production (possibility to add subtitles / logo)

  • create 360 ° photos for free  


VR video promotion

  •   placement on /

  •   soc. VR - Facebook, Youtube

  •   placement in the newsletter (40,000 subscribers)  

>> VR 360 ° video Wellness hotel **** Liblice chateau

Price: from 15 000 CZK + shipping

Implementation of an interactive virtual tour  

  • range of max. 20 rooms / landmarks

  • photo resolution 4k - 5.7k

  • basic postproduction

(texts in the rooms, links to your site, etc.)

  • create 360 ° photos for free  


Virtual tour promotion

  •   social media - Facebook VR, Youtube VR

  •   placement in newsletter (40,000 subscribers)  

>> Virtual tour Wellness & spa hotel Augustinian House **** S

Price: from 12 000 CZK + shipping

Other services related to virtual reality

Creating a 360 ° photo

  • create 360 ° photos in high resolution 4K - 5.7k

  • possibility of photo promotion (eg invitation to your establishment, monument, premises, etc.)  


Price: from 1 000 CZK + shipping


  • Advanced 360 ° video editing: graphic accessories, creation of more videos from recorded materials

  • language mutations, dubbing, etc.


Price:  600 CZK / hour

VR Livestream 360 ° - live broadcast  

  • We will prepare the offer and service options for you individually

  • Live streaming can take place on your FB page


Price:   from 10,000 CZK + transport and connectivity 

Virtual reality - a complete solution for destination management

a modern and effective form of presentation of your region, services and partners

VR 360 ° photo and video, interactive virtual tours

>> everything about virtual reality can be found at   

What you get:

  • Unique and attractive content on your website, on social networks ( virtual reality & tourism )

  • By placing it in VR applications and services, you will reach tourists and travelers from abroad

  • Modern presentation at trade fairs and other events

  • You get VR glasses and technology with other fun and educational content (eg to Infocenters)

  • Possibility of up to 50% subsidy from the National Tourism Support Program in the regions ( more here )

How does it work:

  1. We will select places, routes or services and video scenarios together

  2. We will record and edit the videos for your needs and publications, or we will create 360 photos for you

  3. We will supply you with suitable VR glasses or equipment and teach you how to make the best use of virtual reality

  4. We have long promoted your videos and places / services with a VR presentation with a guarantee of 5,000 views


VR 360 video - Costa Blanca, Spain (Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Altea, Benidorm, El Campello)

VR 360 video - Costa Blanca, Spain (Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Altea, Benidorm, El Campello)

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