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Travel blog

  3 500  Active Travel Bloggers

  60 00  registered tourists  

  100,000  contributions  

  4,500,000  readers per year 

Travel blog

It supports the creation of interest in your destination and helps  Strengthen your destination brand.

Storytelling is the foundation and important pillar of any destination's marketing. Creating exceptional content is what will help people engage and influence them in the destination selection phase for their trips, trips and vacations.

TIP:   Why is a Travel Blog essential for tourist destinations?

Publish articles on the largest community website of Czech tourists, where 4,500,000 tourists plan trips and holidays every year.  From the stories of your destination, through tips and news, the services of your partners to current invitations to your region.

About the Travel Blog

  • Easy insertion of texts, links, photos and GPS, publication planning, automatic sharing on your FB

  • Detailed statistics on the display of contributions, reactions and readers' ratings, easy communication with more than 60,000 registered tourists and travelers

  • Rewards for quality contributions - we share with you the money from the ads displayed on your articles

  • We promote free articles from the Tavel blog - on more than 400 websites and apps, in regular newsletters, on social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Publication of invitations to your region on the largest community website of Czech tourists, where it annually seeks inspiration and plans trips and holidays 4,500,000 tourists and travelers


Benefit for organizations and companies:

  • Publication of PR articles / Press releases / news or interesting services free of charge (cities and destinations use this service as a benefit for their partners)

  • Regular communication is a strong support for building and strengthening your brand or region

  • Long-term growth of traffic to your site from active links in articles  

  • Promoting organic traffic  using active SEO links 

Travel blog promotion and posts

Aktivní správa Travel blogu
Unique content - "Storytelling"

Storytelling - Creation and publication of articles with  stories of your destination, supporting your brand, in order to attract, attract attention and think about your destination as a destination for the next trips or stays.

  • 5x article according to the recommended and approved topic by you

  • Promotion of selected articles on FB with a guarantee of reaching a total of + 50,000 people

Price: 20,000 CZK
Aktivní správa Travel blogu
Active Travel Blog Management

We publish the contributions you send for you on the Travel blog, including active links to your site or social network. We regularly send you an overview of the publication or promotion of contributions, including updated statistics.

The service also includes updating information / links in the Travel blog and in posts.

Price: 4,000 CZK / year
Propagace Travel blogu Německa na
Travel blog promotion

We will place a link to the Travel blog on the main page of your chosen region (municipality / district / county / state or tourist area).


We insert the logo with the link into the regional widget in the selected region, district or tourist area, which is displayed at the top of the PC version of the website.

Price: 5,000 CZK / year
Propagace v pravidleném newsletteru
Newsletter widget

We will place a separate widget with your Travel blog, including an active link, in the selected regular newsletter (40,000 subscribers).


The widget includes 2-3 selected posts or advertising messages with active links to your website or social network  ​​

Price: 5,000 CZK / year 
fb travel blog.jpg
Travel blog promotion

Full promotion of a standard PR article on

  • location on the main side with a guarantee of min. 1 week

  • published on FB (+60,000 fans and followers)

  • subscription to the regular newsletter (40,000 subscribers)

Price: 6,000 CZK / year (normal price 8,000 CZK)

Travel blog - active management and promotion

Travel blog +

  • 2x promotion of PR articles (2x 8000CZK)


Services worth CZK 16,000

Price after discount: 12,000 CZK

Travel blog ++

  • active administration - publication of contributions, regular overview (CZK 4,000 / year)  

  • 4x promotion of PR articles (4x CZK 8,000)

  • travel blog promotion (CZK 5,000)

  • newsletter widget (CZK 5,000)


Services worth CZK 46,000

Price after discount: 29,000 CZK 

Travel blog ++

  • Storytelling - creation of 5 attractive contributions with promotion to support the brand of your destination (CZK 20,000)

  • active administration of the Travel blog, publication of contributions, reporting (CZK 4,000 / year)  

  • 6x promotion of PR articles (6x CZK 8,000)

  • travel blog promotion (CZK 5,000)

  • newsletter widget (CZK 5,000)


Services worth CZK 82,000

Price after discount: 50,000 CZK 

Destinations using the Travel blog 

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