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Promotion options for your brand, product, e-shop


... we will bring tourists to you


Guiding principle

Strengthening the positive perception of your brand, products, services 

We share advertising money with more than 3,000 active contributors to the website. You become sponsors of experienced tourists and travelers. They know very well that you are contributing to their "hobby" favorite activity.


What our concept brings you

  • Reaching 4,500,000 active people and the largest tourist community in the Czech Republic

  • positive perception of your brand, products or services

  • motivation to buy and  sales support at your e-shop or store

Offer services and promotion

Banner advertising

Banner advertising on will reach more than 2,000,000 users a month in the summer season. The most effective formats include native advertising, banners in the mobile version of the website and the largest area - website branding. CTR  varies according to the banner position and ranges between 0.4% - 2.5%. Prices are from CZK 150 per 1,000 impressions. When you buy a larger or long-term campaign, you get a discount, the cost per click can then reach 3 - 8 CZK.   

>> price list banner advertising


Users look for the right answer on your site to learn about your product or service. Promotion of the competition in the newsletter, on Facebook and the website. Thanks to the win in the form of purchase vouchers, you will get purchases at any e-shop or store. Approximate price of the basic realization: 6,000 CZK + prizes for the competition

>> price list of competitions and competition quizzes

Promotion in the e-shop

The signpost with the offer of tourist equipment and clothing, as well as services, activities and experiences recommends the offer of our partners. You will get direct links to selected categories and products from your offer  eshop, including regular promotion in newsletters and on Facebook  

In addition to the best targeting of users who plan to purchase your goods or services, you are getting relevant links for your SEO.

Prices according to the range range from CZK 5,000 / year

Industry ad targeting  

We can place your banners and advertising messages in the content of pages of various fields and activities. For example, cycling (bike trips, bike paths - more than 5,000 entries), skiing. apod.

On the website, we then target advertising according to individual sports. With an advertising message in the sports clubhouse, you can address thousands of athletes who are actively involved in, for example, football, hockey, airsoft, basketball, floorball, etc.  

>> more about industry ad targeting

Tests and reviews of your products

An experienced tourist or traveler will practically try and test your product or service and create an article. He will then display it in the tests section on and on the website. The test also includes a link to your e-shop / store and the tested goods, product or service.

Sample Tests and Reviews:

Price of the test with promotion: CZK 5,000

Partner Tourism for life  

  • With us, you will reward tourists and travelers for their travels - you will gain a positive perception of your brand

  • We will motivate competition points to sell / share or otherwise interact with your product

  • Thanks to the rewards in the form of your products, you will convince tourists of its quality - they will choose your service, your product, boast a good experience and recommend you

  • For vouchers for the competition, tourists will shop with you, sell and gain new customers

Examples of advertising campaigns and targeted promotion  



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