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Promotion and services for monuments, museums and activities

We have proven services that will ensure the sale of your tickets, services or a visit to your tourist destination, the store

... we will bring tourists to you

Monuments, museums, breweries and more
Eiffelova věž
Amusement, sports and educational parks
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Events, services, equipment rentals and more

Promotion and services for monuments, museums and activities

Travel blog


Travel blog for companies and organizations, publish free news and invitations to you,  services, activities or stay packages on the largest tourist community website.  

  • We promote selected contributions on the main page, in the regular newsletter for 40,000 tourists, on Facebook with +60,000 fans. 

  • Active management of the tourist destination - places on

Event promotion  

  • placement in the calendar and on the main page

(events are displayed on more than 200 regional sites)  

  • publication in the Travel blog

  • sharing your FB event on our FB site / /

  • placement in the regular newsletter (subscribed to 40,000 users) 

Price: 5,000 CZK

PR article

  • display on the main page, 1 week

  • placement in the regular newsletter (subscribed to 40,000 users) 

  • publication on Facebook 

Price: 8,000 CZK

Newsletter widget

  • a separate widget with your Travel blog in the regular newsletter

  • includes 3 selected posts or advertising messages with a link to your website   

Price: 5,000 CZK

>> more about Travel blog and PR

PR articles with promotion

It can be an invitation to your city, region, museum or establishment. With information about you, events, services, news, products or products. Text with a minimum range ½ A4, up to 3 active links, photo.

They are displayed in the Tips and News section and according to the location on the map and in the vicinity of all other posts on

PR article promotion:

  • The week is on the main page, it also remains among the articles in the category Tips and news

  • placement in a regular newsletter (40,000 subscriptions.)  >> preview 09/2021

  • publication on Facebook (+60,000 fans.)  >> FB

Realization of the competition

Ideal for promoting your services, new exhibit or product. The competition includes a presentation of the company and services or products, including active links to your site or social network. We can place photos and video in the competition.

Users look for the right answer on your website, so they get to know each other well and identify with your product or service. We will set the duration of the competition at 2-4 weeks.


Competition promotion:


Materials for implementation:

name of the competition, text, start date and duration, competition question with possible answers (a, b, c), including the correct one, prizes for the competition, 1 - 3 photos and links.

Regional advertising

Regional advertising and services,  We will place the offer of your services / banners in the content of all pages from your region (municipality, city, district, region, tourist area), or according to thematic content (skiing, accommodation, cycling, etc.) - we will address tourists who plan to visit your region or activities in it,  more info  

  • You are well seen in the content of sites from your region in the form of banners, widgets and text links. You will get effective and targeted promotion, growth of website traffic and online sales of services.

  • Thematic links for articles with trips or accommodation in your region. With good links for SEO, we will help your site get on the first page of search engines and Google

>>  more about regional advertising

Main partner of the region (banner 300x250px)

  • District:  CZK 6,000 / year

  • Other municipalities:  CZK 3,000 / year

(displayed on the main page, list of cat. and in the detail of the article )

  • State / Region / Tourist area: 3,000 CZK / year

(displayed on the main page and list of region categories)

Text tip (3x advertising positions / region)

  • District: 3,000 CZK / year / 1 position

  • Other municipalities: CZK 1,000 / year / 1 position

(displayed on the main page, list of cat. and in the detail of the article )

  • State / Region / Tourist area: 3,000 CZK / year

(displayed on the main page and list of region categories)

Promotion on social networks     >> more about social promotion. networks

A post with an active link to your site

  • in the article we will publish your page with a link, or a photo gallery with text and an active link. Marking your FB page in the text with an active link to it is a matter of course.

  • guarantees that 10,000 people will be targeted, focusing on thematic interests and activities  

Price: 5,000 CZK

Advertising messages on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

  • We will create an engaging advertising message

  • We'll set up ideal ad targeting (people, regions, devices, etc.)  

  • We monitor and optimize your ad throughout the campaign

  • Guarantee: from 10,000 addressed people  

Price: 5,000 CZK

Event promotion

  • placement in events FB site

  • publication in the form of a contribution of the location FB Turistika, .cz  

  • paid promotion with a guaranteed address + 5,000 people

Price: 3,000 CZK

Promotion of your events, new exhibitions, etc.

Online advertising & services

Analysis of your website and applications, their traffic and user behavior, including optimization suggestions, setting up regular reports and statistics

Assistance with the creation and implementation of effective PR & marketing communication . Measuring and evaluating your marketing activities.  

Nationwide online advertising , we reach up to 1,000,000 per month, and 4,500,000 people a year - active tourists who are looking for inspiration and tips for trips, stays, holidays and active leisure,  

  • With a seasonal campaign for active tourists, you get effective communication for up to more than 1,000,000 tourists. 

more info

Reaching the tourist community , the largest online tourist community, we can invite them to your city or region, target the address according to their interests (9,800 lovers of monuments, 8,400 cyclists, 5,200 skiers and snowboarders, etc.), 

more info


Video routes , our unique technology that connects video - elevation profile - map - interesting places and services on the route (backbone cycling routes, nature trails and cross-country trails .... 400 routes / 15,000 km), 

more about video routes


VR 360 ° videos and virtual tours , shooting and promotion of attractive 360 ° videos, guarantee 5,000 views, 

more about virtual reality


Tourism for life , we motivate tourists to visit selected places and regions, We can also motivate them to visit your museum, monument or amusement park

more info


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Possibilities of promotion of the ski area / winter activities and stays on

Travel blog at & PR articles

  • Invitation to the Ski Resort, news for this season, stay packages, info about events, etc.

  • Under your profile you can publish seasonal tips and news, press releases, etc. You will reach tens of thousands of people for free.


PR article (visibility of a selected post from the Travel blog)

  • placement on the main page for 1 week

  • sharing on Facebook (60,000 fans)

  • placement in a regular newsletter (40,000 subscribers) 

Price after discount: 8,000 CZK  


Ski pass competition

People are looking for the right answer to the competition question on your website, so they get to know your ski resort / services. The winners will then come to your premises and gain new customers. 

Competition promotion:  in the newsletter (40,000 subscribers), on FB (60,000 fans) and on the website

Prize for the implementation and promotion of the competition: CZK 6,000 + prizes for the competition


Addressing registered skiers and snowboarders

We will send the invitation to the ski resort, including the offer of services, in the form of an internal message to registered users who have indicated in their profile the focus Skier ( 4,479 skiers ) / Snowboarder (903 snowboarders )

  • commercial announcement "invitation to the season"  (community) - 11/2021

  • teammates - 16 ski clubs / 2,000 skiers and snowboards. 

    • cross-country skiing 9 clubs / 922 cross-country skiers


Promotion of your ski area on the introductory page of the section Winter & skiing 2021/2022   

  • text link with SEO support of your site 

  • banner 300x250px

  • We recommend the ski area in the section  (CZK 3,000 / season)


Promotion on social networks (not only FB and Instagram

  • text, video, photo, etc. links lead directly to your site

  • exactly targeting by location, age, interest / activities of users 

  • guarantee +10,000 addressed people 


guarantee of 10,000 addressed people: CZK 5,000 

guarantee of 20,000 addressed people: CZK 8,000

guarantee of 30,000 addressed people: 12,000 CZK

guarantee of 50,000 addressed people: CZK 20,000  


Banner advertising

Native advertising

  • a list of articles (always as the 3rd contribution), PC and mobile version are displayed

Price for 100,000 views: 10,000 CZK


Mobile version - 300x250 banner 

  • advertising position in the mobile version, well visible, suitable for eshop promotion / ski pass sales

Price for 100,000 views: 10,000 CZK

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