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Marketing for hotels & accommodation


... we will bring tourists to you

Guiding principle

Promotion of your hotel, pension, services and benefits
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Support for the sale of stays and services
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Marketing for hotels & accommodation

Regionally targeted advertising

The main partner of the region

Text tip


Thematically targeted advertising


Promotion of the hotel on the main page of the Accommodation category

  Price: 12,000 CZK / year

Nationwide advertising


Promotion of stay on Facebook (60,000 fans)

  • Publications - sharing your website / gallery / video with an invitation to a hotel or a specific stay,

including active links to your website. Guarantee of reaching 10,000 people with a published contribution.
Price: 5,000 CZK

PR article with promotion on
PR article on It can be an invitation to your hotel, an offer of specific stays, etc.
You can find more about the PR article and examples at
PR article promotion:

  • The week is on the main page, it remains among the articles

  • Placement in a regular newsletter for 40,000 readers

  • Share on Facebook (60,000 fans)

Price: 8,000 CZK



- video + interactive virtual tour + 10x photo

- video promotion

Motivation to visit


Tourism for life

  • Logo on the website and on FB 

  • Logos  within the project promotion and at partner events 

  • Motivation to visit selected places in the region: inclusion of your chosen 50 places in the region in Tourism for Life, 10 points for visiting the competition place (usually 1-2 points per visit), sharing selected competition places on FB, placement in the Tourism newsletter. cz, placement of your logo with an active link at these 50 places on

Price: 30,000 CZK



Users look for the right answer on your site to learn about your product or service. Promotion of the competition in the newsletter, on Facebook and the website. Win tickets in the form of tickets to museums, monuments or events will visit your region.  

Price: 6,000 CZK + prizes for the competition



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