Recounting travel experiences gets new dimension


Jiří Pilnáček , Director and CEO,, draws attention to the platform where travellers can benefit from sharing stories of their journeys and also get remunerated for the same in an interview with Irene Susan Eapen. is an online platform created to motivate tourists to share their journey experiences. It works on a system of content management where the contributors can receive a commission for each view of their content and also helps promote their articles on this website Jiří Pilnáček, its Director & CEO, says, "Our vision of is a source of information, a databank of experience and practical advice for the occasional and the enthusiastic tourists, travellers and hikers from other tourists and travellers, for even more enjoyment from a journey or a trip, saving money or sparing unpleasant situations and a safe return home from one's own country or abroad."


The platform is marketed through tourists while the contributors can share their articles on social networks to their friends - Facebook, Google+. It has a large number of articles on tours and trips. The annotation on the articles is done via xml feed to web presentations of cities, regions or hotels and other travel agencies. "The system also helps us with the SEO and traffic from search engines. Our project is unique because competition focuses only on service reviews. We are marketing on unique content and technology for users. Our customers are mostly from destination management we help them not only with the provision of unique data, but also with targeted marketing. For example, if a tourist who is about to visit the mountains, wants to ride a bicycle and go camping, our site offers three countries and 15 destinations in Europe. We on prefer Garda - Trentino destinations, their routes, nature monuments and services. Hundreds of families then choose for their trip or holiday in this region."

Benefits to Travellers

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