Helps Travellers Explore via Video Routes


Petr Tomek, Co-owner and Project Manager at, helps travellers get to know beautiful and interesting places around the world via the Internet.

Petr is a part of the Travel Massive Prague chapter and was excited to answer some questions we had about You might want to read until the end, this is a completely new and unique concept to travel. is for those who are interested in getting to know the beauty of the world via modern technologies. Their application serves travelers and travel lovers:

  • as a source of inspiration, where to go and which places to visit
  • to remind them about the places they've visited and routes they've walked/cycled/etc.
  • as an attractive way to explore places, which they aren't able to visit personally

What inspired you to create this startup?

We've been running the web portal,, for tourists and travelers in the Czech Republic. Descriptions of routes, trips, walks and rides have always been extremely popular among our users. So we came up with an idea to present them to tourists and travelers in a more attractive and modern way - by inventing and uploading our unique technology called video routes. These

These video routes are combining videos with a map and added points of interest, profile, elevation and other interesting things. After making them public, we had a huge positive response and decided to make a new website for this technology in other languages than Czech.

What makes your startup different from other similar startups out there?

We came up with a completely new technology. Our clients (cities, regions, travel and destination agencies, hotels etc.) were so enthusiastic about the new technology, that we shot more than 100 interesting routes during the very first year of launching our project.

Until now, we have shot more than 350 routes in 17 countries, which is together, about 8000 kilometers of video routes. Among the most viewed video routes belong Dubai Seaplane Flyover, Drive around Key West Florida and Cruise on the Vltava river in Prague.

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