Our vision

We create a unique source of information, a database of experiences and practical advices from other tourists and travelers for even more enjoyment of travel and trips, saving money or unpleasant situations and safe return home from abroad.

KPi (GA, 2018)  

  • 3 609 738 unique visitors, 20 847 117 page views, 
  • 3 214 registered active blogers
  • 93 440 articles (trips, routes, poi, travelogue etc), 
  • 59 800 registered tourists / 60 000 FB fans

Online marketing - Turistika.cz 

Branding of website (1920x1000px + 1000x200px)

  • 6,- Euro / CPT or 0,5 Euro / click

Banners (300x600px / 970x200px) 

  • 4,- Euro / CPT or 0,4 Euro click

PR Article (text and photos)

  • 1 week on HP of Turistika.cz and HP your region, 
  • we share it on our FB page (60 000 fans) 
  • we give it to our newsletter (45 000 emails) 

Price: 300,- Euro / article

Discount 2+1: 600,- Euro / 3 articles

Direct mail - DEM

we can send advertising message to mailbox of our registered users, 50 000 tourists

Price: 1 200 Euro,- / direct mail

Sponzoring of newsletter

an attractive advertising space in a regular newsletter for 45 000 subscribers, active links to your site

Price: 180 Euro,- 

Facebook advertising

We have 60 000 organic fans of our FB page, who are inspired by our tips for their trips or buy the services, what we recommend them

We will share your post with active link to your website. 

Price: 100,- Euro / post


We will recommend your services / video to tourists, who are planning to travel to your region or city

The ad is displayed exclusively on the main page of the selected region, in the detail of the article, the banners alternate in the selected advertising position.

Example: Region Garda - Trentino has a special exclusive deal. There is banner with photos of region, advertising video from Youtube, banner with logo of region and 4 text tips to main part of region website (treks and tours, family) etc... www.turistika.cz/region-garda-trentino

We can set up your promotion (for the selected city/region/country) individually, including branding of the homepage.

Main Partner of Region

  • State: 500 Euro 
  • Region: 350 Euro 
  • Town: 190 Euro
  • Village: 50 Euro

Partner of Region

  • State: 200 Euro
  • Region: 90 Euro
  • Town: 50 Euro
  • Village: 10 Euro

Text Tip of Region

  • State: 100 Euro
  • Region: 50 Euro
  • Town: 20 Euro
  • Village: 5 Euro

The prices are for one year, according to your seasonal offer you will change your ad 4x per year free of charge

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