360° VR travel video

  • Unique content for your www / profiles on soc. networks / applications
  • Innovative service to your stores and outlets

  • Attractive and sought-after content

  • YouTube - A separate VR video channel

  • Facebook - Adds POIs and other new stuff

  • Mobile applications - Oculus and others

Turistika.cz VR

  • 124 videos / 41 followers
  • 16 800 views / 233 hours

Facebook Turistika.cz

  • 22 VR videos / 60 000 funs
  • 36 000 views / 166 hours

VR 360 Turistika.cz

  • 54 videos / 126 followers
  • 18 000 views / 150 hours

Find more on the Stubai Region website: www.stubai.at/skigebiete/stubai-360 

How to view 360 ° videos and virtual reality 

Mobile phone with gyroscope
Mobile phone with gyroscope
VR glasses
VR glasses
Samsung Gear
Samsung Gear
HTC vive
HTC vive

Our services of 360° videos

Realization VR 360 ° video, applications, solutions

  • Professional equipment, technology and sw

  • A complete VR solution for cities, regions and destinations

  • Experience and references: more than 150 VR 360 ° videos

  • 4K video resolution, add animation, captions, etc.

Live broadcasts from events, fairs or conferences

  • Live stream on Youtube or Facebook

  • We have thousands of online views on our profiles 

  • Organizers receive service for partners and visitors, competitive advantage, new revenue and promotions

Promotion of 360 ° videos (free with shooting video)

  • Post to our VR Services profiles (5,000 views)
  • In a regular newsletter for 40,000 subscribers
  • Sites to Tourism.cz, Livetouring.com

Sales / rental of VR equipment, VR content, apps

  • A VR headset / device may be a new service for your customers

  • Production of applications and technologies (virtual tours of campuses / region / services, educational videos / tests and quizzes - knowledge competitions, etc)

  • A fun or educational form for training, workshops, conferences, etc.

  • VR technology for expanding your presentation at events, fairs or establishments

How does it work 

  • We will talk in advance about the scope of filming, promotion, and pricing

  • We will arrive in agreed terms, record the material and show you how to use it

  • We process, transmit and set up the filmed material with the agreed video promotion

  • As per your interest, we will secure and install your device and help you promote your new service

  • The cost of realization and basic promotion is from € 500 + travel costs

Interesting places 

museums, shops,  monuments, activities

Your events

 fairs, concerts, etc. 

Routes & Races 

running, cycle, cars

Live VR broadcasts 

concerts, press conferences 

Virtual Reality & Cities / Regions / Destinations 

We will record selected places, routes and services for tourists in your area. You can then use 360​​° videos within your city or destination for marketing and so can your partners/clients to view tourist destinations and services in your location. We provide Infocenter with your device and application so people can view your region's offer in a modern way (an ideal complement to leaflets and printed materials). 

Are you interested in realizing and promoting 360 ° travel videos?