360° VR travel video

  • Unique content for your www / profiles on soc. networks / applications
  • Innovative service to your stores and outlets

  • Attractive and sought-after content

  • YouTube - A separate VR video channel

  • Facebook - Adds POIs and other new stuff

  • Mobile applications - Oculus and others

Our references can be found on our YouTube / Facebook - VR 360° video

Stubai Region, ITB Berlin, Holiday World, Infotour HK, Hradecká cyklostezka

Our next 360 ° videos: www.stubai.at/skigebiete/stubai-360 

How to view 360 ° videos and virtual reality 

Mobile phone with gyroscope
Mobile phone with gyroscope
VR glasses
VR glasses
Samsung Gear
Samsung Gear
HTC vive
HTC vive

The base is a mobile phone with a gyroscope. Then you can easily view 360° videos by moving your phone or using other devices. From simple paper cartons, through glasses, Samsung Gear with a standalone platform to HTC Vive connected to your computer.

We will be glad to help you choose the right equipment and ensure you a good purchase, installation and a simple course to get the most out of it.

We shoot & promote 360° videos

How does it work 

  • We will talk in advance about the scope of filming, promotion, and pricing

  • We will arrive in agreed terms, record the material and show you how to use it

  • We process, transmit and set up the filmed material with the agreed video promotion

  • As per your interest, we will secure and install your device and help you promote your new service

  • The cost of realization and basic promotion is from € 300 + travel costs

Interesting places 

museums, shops,  monuments, activities

Your events

 fairs, concerts, etc. 

Routes & Races 

running, cycle, cars

Live VR broadcasts 

concerts, press conferences 

Virtual Reality & Cities / Regions / Destinations 

We will record selected places, routes and services for tourists in your area. You can then use 360​​° videos within your city or destination for marketing and so can your partners/clients to view tourist destinations and services in your location. We provide Infocenter with your device and application so people can view your region's offer in a modern way (an ideal complement to leaflets and printed materials). 

How does it work

  1. Together we will select attractive places in your region and you will address your partners with the 360° realization of your videos
  2. We negotiate the price, promotion and CoR equipment
  3. We will record, process, prepare the VR application, deliver and set up the device and start promoting you

Our technologies 

We shoot videos for you with Samsung Gear 360 model 2017 or Garmin Virb 360 with a resolution of up to 5.7K. For VR video we use professional equipment with optical gyroscopic stabilization to avoid image degradation and can be used for all resolutions, which the camera has.

Our services & prices

Shooting VR videos

  • Video length up to 2 min (still and in motion)

  • Edit to mp4, 4K resolution

  • Video settings for FB and YouTube

Price: € 300,-  + travel costs

Discounts for multiple videos

  • 2x VR video - € 550,-
  • 3x VR video - € 800,-
  • 4x VR video - € 990, - CZK + Free VR glasses and BT driver
  • 5 or more videos - price individually

Promoting your VR (videos / viewing options)

  • Placement on the web, FB and YouTube Turistika.cz, including active links

  • Addressing 45,000 registered tourists

  • Prioritization in the section with the CoR on Turistika.cz

  • Placing your ad in the Turistika.cz content from your area (trips, places of interest, accommodation)

  • Placement into a mobile app with VR

Other services

  • Editing, logging / texting, graphic editing, adding music or spoken word ... from € 30,-

  • 360° photo

  • Live stream

Prices are quoted without taxes (DPH), moving VR videos may be increased by 20-30% for reasons of more demanding stabilization, prices are valid for orders up to 30.6. 2018. 

Are you interested in realizing and promoting 360 ° travel videos?