Video routes

New technology for tourism, sports and leisure. A tool developed for destination management, promotes the destination and its services, helps sell services to entrepreneurs and helps to fulfill the main function of destination agencies

Mezinárodní cyklotrasa EUROVELO 13
Mezinárodní cyklotrasa EUROVELO 13
Florida, Key West - pěší trasa po významných místech
Florida, Key West - pěší trasa po významných místech
Zimní běžecká trasa z Luční boudy do Pece pod Sněžkou
Zimní běžecká trasa z Luční boudy do Pece pod Sněžkou
Spojené Arabské Emiráty, Dubai, trasa po památkách
Spojené Arabské Emiráty, Dubai, trasa po památkách

We are first to merge video, map and POIs to support tourism and active leisure-time. 

How it works in practice

We record a video of an interesting route, connect it with a map, add practical information and nearby points of interest and post it on internet. 

Our references (8 200 km)

350 videoroutes in 16 countries on 4 continents

hiking, educational, cycling, inline, water routes, ski resorts and golf courses, races - running, cycling, rallye

  • main cycle routes in Czech - Vltavská, Labská, Bečva, Lužnice, Bystřicko, Santiniho, EUROVELO 4, 13, cross-country skiing routes Krkonose, Sumavska magistrála
  • Germany: Rujána, Berlín, Drážďany, Wismar, Lubeck, Míšeň, Freiburg, EUROPA PARK a další ...
  • America: Miami, Key West, Tampa Bay, Roatan (Honduras), Costa May - Maya´s ruins, Bogota, national parks a Satlo el Sapo Venezuele, Belize etc ...
  • Ostatní: cycle routes in Bibone, Pula, Zadar, Poreč, Zell am See, Transalpina Rumunsko, Saint Tropes, boat trips Amsterdam and middle of Holandska, Dubai, etc ...

Web application for regions and services

Towbs, ski areas, sports areas, regions, destinations

We will record and process your route in the selected area, add it to our application and place it on your site.

The routes can easily be switched between them and displayed freely. As well as services and places on the routes.

Our references for webs apps

  • Stubai, Gastein, Solden, ski areas
  • Zadov - Churáňov, ski and ski-cross area
  • Strážné, Šacberk, Nové Hutě, Kvilada, ski areas
  • Belveder, Lesní běžecký areál Železná Ruda, ski-cross area
  • Cycle routes Zubří zemí - Bystřicko 
  • Pec pod Sněžkou, cycle routes
  • Golf & Spa resort Kunětická hora, golf resoth
Webová aplikace - cyklotrasy v Peci pod Sněžkou
Webová aplikace - cyklotrasy v Peci pod Sněžkou
Webová aplikace - lyžařský areál Stubai
Webová aplikace - lyžařský areál Stubai

Video Routes & Sport (Run, Cycle, Car)

Move your race with our advanced technology forward

Every competitor and spectator is interested in the track and points of interest associated with it (refreshment, dangerous section, good visibility, etc.). You get a new advertising space for partners = videotraping is a good and a short investment

  • City Cross Run Praha, Česká lípa, Terryho běh

Benefits for you

  • You can add video ads and banners to your partners in the video footage on your site
  • You can charge for the location of POIs on your route or just for visibility on the route
  • Routes and POIs are the active links that will bring tourists to your website or partner's route pages
  • You will show your city or region to tourists, important sights, practical information, and services on the route (everyone likes to see what awaits when planning their trip), athletes going / going, what to watch and where to eat
  • Marketing for your video routes

Realizace videotrasy obahuje:

  • label placement, 7 points of interest, including active links
  • video editing, clipping, optimization for browsers and mobile devices, video placement for video footage, image map connection, video footage (hosting video routes (5-20GB) and international connectivity)
  • translation into selected languages
  • an invitation to the newsletter route of 80,000 people
  • placing on the facebook pages of the mentioned portals
  • location on, and your www

Prices for Europe:

0 km - 15 km: €900

16km - 30km: €1500

31km - 50km: €1900

51 km and more: by agreement

Ski resort: from €800

Golf course: from €1500

Renting an application and data hosting: € 250/year

- Travel costs need to be added for locations outside Europe

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