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Czech Statistical Office,

Croatia returned in 2016 to the top of the list of longer trips (statistics of foreign private trips of Czech citizens). Slovakia, which was in 2015 most frequently selected foreign destinations and for longer journeys, recorded a year-on-year decline to the previous usual level. Slovakia has second place just before Italy's third in 2016. These countries - Croatia, Slovakia and Italy - are the most frequent holiday destination regularly since 2011. Fourth and fifth place are Austria and Greece repeated; Austria has been the fourth since 2013.

Longer foreign journeys were undertaken in particular (from 84%) for recreation and holiday accommodation mostly in the hotel, and 14% for the visit of relatives or acquaintances who also provided their guests with a night out. The main means of transport for each second long-haul international journey were passenger cars, with every third trip an airplane. By way of organization, more than half of the longer trips were organized individually and travel agency services were used for 38% of foreign holidays. The long journeys usually ranged from four to seven nights (61% of the total).

Shorter trips of Czech citizens abroad were traditionally primarily in Slovakia in 2016, then in Austria and Germany. They were mostly made for recreation and leisure, with accommodation in hotels or other collective accommodation facilities. It was often a visit of relatives or acquaintances (31%). As a basic means of transport, passenger cars (78%) and buses (12%) were used in shorter trips.


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